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TEAM Hughes Real Estate School Offers Online Classes For Both Florida And Alabama.
Our classes are offered thru Dearborn Real Estate Portal (RE Express), and classes are offered from Sales Associate thru Broker Post licensing, as well as Appraisal and Home Inspection courses. The classes are designed to fit your time schedule and how you study. The class can be taken anywhere that you have access to an internet connection and at any time. Each class offered comes in several different price ranges according to how much additional material you wish to have to help you. Good Luck on the start of your new career.
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Why do students love online real estate courses?


Students like online real estate courses for some of the same reasons they want to practice real estate. Most want to enjoy the flexibility of a self-made schedule, and online courses are designed to go through course material at the student's pace, as he/she finds time, whether the student is at home, at the office, waiting for a child to get out of soccer practice, etc. Online education allows a student to break the material up into smaller sections and to spread it out over time instead of sitting in a classroom for hours on end.

Save money and time.

Online real estate courses tend to be less expensive than in-classroom courses. Additionally, taking an online course will save the cost of traveling to the nearest classroom location, the time required to miss work, and the expenses associated with in-class courses such as snacks, babysitters, coffee, gas, lunches, etc.).

However, there are some drawbacks in taking online real estate courses:


The greatest benefit of taking online courses, the ability to choose when and where you study, could very well be your biggest obstacle. When there is no set time to show up to the class session, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to go through the course material.

Lack of interaction.

When compared to classes taken in-person, online courses can lack opportunities for students to network with their peers or to ask professors in-depth questions about the course material. TEAM Hughes Real Estate School will always have an instructor available to answer questions from its online students, but unfortunately, the student may have the question early in the morning and our instructors may be in a class until early evening. Students normally want their questions answered immediately, and that just doesn't happen with online classes.

On Line Appraisal Courses

TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is now offering thru Career Web on-line Appraisal courses for Alabama and Florida Click on the button for the state and course that you wish to take.
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Alabama On Line Real Estate Course

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TEAM Hughes Real Estate School is an affiliate of Career Webschool and this is who we use for our Alabama On Line Real Estate Classes.
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Alabama State Test Q&A Bank

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Florida On Line Classes

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